SHorSTory theatre

Our Next Storytelling Event
Saturday Night
November 11, 2023
7:30 p.m.

The Art Center Highland Park
1957 Sheridan Rd.
Highland Park, Illinois 60015



With Storytellers: Mike Leonard
Bill Stewart
Ellen Blum Barish
Larry Glazer
Nadia Felecan

TICKETS: $15.00

Note: Performances usually sell out.



Link to reserve not available yet.

Walk-in seating (cash or check only)

depending on availability.



Some audience responses to our storytelling:

"Thursday night was such a joyous occasion. Short Story Theatre is back and at a wonderful and beautiful venue."

"It was a wonderful return to Short Story Theatre! We enjoyed every story, and the evening was magical."

"The presenters were each wonderful in their own way - such a fun evening."
Responses from our storytellers:
"We had so much fun doing it, and the audience was so responsive."

"Thank you for including me in the lineup. So many wonderful stories last night."

"Every story was really awesome. So happy to be part of it.


Short Story Theatre was founded in 2012 

by Rick Leslie, Donna Lubow & Susan Block.


Mission Statement:

Our concept is to present storytelling as an entertaining theatrical event. We are dedicated to promoting awareness of storytelling as a vibrant, contemporary art form.  Our stories are creative non-fiction, based on our personal experiences, but with universal themes.  We meld our writing skills and performance skills to entertain and inspire our audiences.  



Our founders have backgrounds in theatre, television, advertising, painting, writing, and teaching. So why not storytelling?  After seeing Rick Leslie perform a story in Chicago in early 2012, Susan Block and Donna Lubow thought -"we should do this in the suburbs!" Our first venture was at "Vibe at 1935" in Highland Park. Performances were sold-out, and audiences were sold on spending an enjoyable evening eating, drinking and listening to 4 10-minute stories. Writers/actors around town heard about us and wanted to be a part of the excitement we were building. Our next moves were to the following venues: Bertucci's in Highwood, Laughing Chameleon in Glenview, Cellar Gate in Highwood, Books on Vernon in Glencoe, the Wilmette Theatre, The Alley in Highwood, at Miramar Bistro in Highwood for several years, and now at The Art Center Highland Park.  Since we began, over 60 storytellers have shared their personal stories with us.  We continue to offer writers and actors opportunities to entertain audiences with enlightening stories.           


"Go into the arts.  I'm not kidding.  The arts are  not a way to make a living.  They are a very human way of making life more bearable.  Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sake.  Sing in the shower.  Dance to the radio.  TELL STORIES.  Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem.  Do it as well as you possibly can.  You will get an enormous reward.  You will have created something."

 - Kurt Vonnegut



Rebecca Adler

Bruce Bertucci 

Anthony Bilotti 

Holly Birnbaum 

Susan Block

Liza Blue (aka Elizabeth Brown) 

Barry Chessick

Jan Cook 

Kevin Davis

Marc Davis

Marla Davishoff 

Craig Davishoff 

Eileen Donohue

Jennifer Dotson 

David Edler 

Michael Ellman 

Michele Feinberg

Arthur M. Feldman 

Robin Finesmith

Barry Freydberg

Beverly Friend

Gale Gand 

Mary Lou Gilliam

Larry Glazer

Fred Gold

Beth Goldberg

Louis Greenwald

Susie Greenwald

Benita Haberman

Julie Isaacson 

Judith MK Kaufman

Denise Kirshenbaum

Emma Alexandra Kowalenko

Rick Leslie

Ron Levitsky

Peggy Lewis

Rino Liberatore

Mike Lubow

Judy Markey

Bob Meyers

Sarita Miller

Terry Moritz

Sahar Mustafah

Susie Perkowitz

John Petlicki 

Myrna Petlicki

Jonathan Plotkin

Anne Purky

Joel Ramsey

Janet Reed

Marjorie Rissman

Bob Rubin

Steve Sadin

Martie Sanders

R. Craig Sautter 

Holly Schaefer

Jim Scott

Kristen Scott

Madelyn Sergel

Frank Shapiro

Bonnie Hillman Shay

Anne Shimojima

Tony Smith

Kirk Steinhaus

Amy Sumpter

Paul Teodo

Susan Thompson

Elizabeth Ury

Avinash (Avi) Vaidya

Nutan Vaidya

Cyn Vargas

Karol Verson

Lorrie Weinberg

Scott Woldman

Christine Wolf 

Judy Yacker

Sarah Zematis

Edward Zifkin 


Donna Lubow, Producer and Emcee, a co-founder of Short Story Theatre,  has taught English literature and drama to all age groups, and has performed in, produced and directed numerous plays all on the North Shore of Chicago.  She co-founded several theatres including Highland Park Players, Attic Playhouse in Highwood, Theatre in the Woods in Riverwoods, and ARTicuLIT Readers Theatre, a touring company.